Schellenberger Group

Schellenberger stands for competence and production exclusively "Made in Germany".

The family owned companies in the group shows their strengths in a variety of ways and have specialized in a wide range of product areas.

Industrial companies have relied on the expertise of these specialist areas for over 111 years.

As Europe's largest manufacturer of twisted brushes, Schellenberger stands for the qualitative manufacture of technical, medical and individual brushes.


MyBrush GmbH is a producer of medical brushes with CE marking Brushes in according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN 9001.

In the online shop Brush Outlet, both private individuals and companies can find high-quality brushes, which where made in Germany.



Distribution company for the development of technical and medical products and the exclusive distribution of own brands such as TecSPIN®, SOLENDA® and OndoSAN®.


What you always wanted to know about brushes has been gathered here. The website serves as a reference work for the brush and brush maker industry.


Our brands stand for German quality, low prices and a high cleaning effect for medical applications, the household or the industrial sector.


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