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We have recognized the need for brushes of good quality and the highest requirements and are therefore able to sell the products requested by the customer directly. So you get ready-branded products, packed ready for sale, directly from our warehouse.


TECsp!n® stands for high-quality, technical brushes. These include boiler brushes, gun brushes, boiler tube brushes, fitting brushes, deburring brushes and many more. You don't have to worry about label, packaging and design. You get finished products of the "TECsp!n®" brand for your business.


OndoSAN® stands for brushes which were manufactured using the medical standard DIN EN ISO 13485 as a medical product including CE. Specializing in endoscopic brushes, you will also find products for cleaning voice prostheses or tracheal cannulas.


Brushes are used in the catering trade, in the household, in the hygiene sector or in or on the car. You can find SolEnda® in supermarkets or discounters, so you can be sure that the products are made in Germany.


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